Lymphoid Neoplasm Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma


MalaCards based summary: Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, also known as diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified, is related to gray zone lymphoma and hodgkin lymphoma. An important gene associated with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma is MYC (V-Myc Avian Myelocytomatosis Viral Oncogene Homolog), and among its related pathways are RB in Cancer and Bladder cancer. Affiliated tissues include b cells, bone and bone marrow, and related mouse phenotypes are muscle and no phenotypic analysis.

Disease-associated SNP
Dissease-associated Gene
Disease-associated LncRNA
Lncrna ID Location SNP Protein Option
ENST00000469289.1 chr1:30267-31109 - MYD88, BCL2
ENST00000471248.1 chr1:110953-129173 - CDK4, CCND1
ENST00000442116.1 chr1:257864-264733 - LMO2
ENST00000440196.2 chr1:594453-595217 - PASD1, MME
ENST00000616585.1 chr1:711715-724707 - MME, MME
ENST00000585745.4 chr1:784370-795513 - MME
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